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    Servane Gaxotte玩偶项坠品牌,1996年由同名设计师在巴黎建立,至今已在全球拥有近50家专卖店。

    品牌设计灵感源自法国古董玩偶形象(法文:Poupée)与诗意般的梦境。Servane Gaxotte大胆而创新地将金属元素与柔软蕾丝布艺等材质加以碰撞融合,手工打造每款玩偶项坠,其配件与衣服也由手工镶嵌织造,图案上色等工艺与Chanel饰品出自同一间法国工坊,严苛的制作流程和顶尖的工匠技艺另每件单品都独一无二,质感精湛绝伦。每个玩偶都能摆出不同姿态,灵动之间,似颈间起舞的精灵,生动鲜明,极具收藏价值。

    以复古中带着童趣,精致中带着魔幻少女感的风格为设计主轴,Servane Gaxotte已推出上千款项坠造型如女孩、芭蕾舞者、花栗鼠、垂耳兔、狸猫、森林鹿。另外,拥有不同个性与名字的玩偶,每一季的造型也紧跟时尚潮流,使用皮草和羽毛、印花的绸缎与蕾丝,装饰鑲嵌以金银元素与宝石水晶,结合时髦元素,不断创造出充满超现实艺术感的时尚故事。

    Servane Gaxotte自诞生以来,就深受设计师与全球时尚博主追捧,拥有Servane Gaxotte的女性都对其爱不释手。不仅可作为百搭项链搭配日常服饰或礼服,同时也是随心情搭配的时髦小物,打造专属自己的自信与优雅。

    French jewelry brand Servane Gaxotte famous for silver jewelry dolls was founded by the designer Servane Gaxotte in 1996. It has opened nearly 50 stores over the world.

    Inspired by French antique doll (Poupée) and poetic dream, The doll strap highlights the brands unique style. Servane Gaxotte launches each season a delicate jewelry doll with material selections that are bold and innovative. Each piece is all hand made, and couture clothing and accessories are from the same Métiers d’Art (Handicraft) with Chanel. With movable limbs, each stylish and collectable figure has its own personality and chic outlook.

    Collection after collection of figures such as doll, dancer, cat, rabbit, deer and so on, the artist strives to build her version of an ideal wardrobe - mixing memories of childhood dreams, vintage art, feminine emotions and imagination, using silk, furs and leathers,

    lace, father, pearl to express intense fashion personalization.

    Since its birth, the delicately dressed pretty figures have been hanging from the necks of chic women from the world, and highly recommended by fashion designers and bloggers. This statement piece being a necklace or just an accessory, will definitely be a playful yet lovely choice for your everyday look.

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