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    Van Gogh SENSES获得了荷兰阿姆斯特丹梵高博物馆的授权,诠释梵高艺术作品的精髓, 将日常生活与大师的卓越艺术作品相互融合。 Van Gogh SENSES Gifts希望透过精致礼品,演绎梵高的艺术大作以及对艺术的热情, 呈献落入「梵」间的生活品味。


    Van Gogh SENSES 的品牌理念是将艺术元素融入生活, 启发人们对艺术及梵高画作的感悟,将梵高的色彩延续, 推向新高度, 并开辟一个独一无二的超「梵」品牌。


    Van Gogh SENSES captures the essence of Van Gogh’s masterpieces with an exclusive license from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and infuses our life with products developed from the artistic excellence of the great Post-Impressionist. Our gift items, flowers, art gallery and in-store F&B experience at “1881 Heritage” aim to bestow enjoyment with the Artist’s passionate and colorful palettes.


    By sharing the senses of Van Gogh's art and colors to the world, Van Gogh SENSES Gifts bring them to new horizons. The enhancements of art expressions in our products appealing to our senses are the integral equities of the Van Gogh SENSES brand that distinguish our business in the market with credible success.

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