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    Nice Meal用心甄选世界食材,精心研发当季新品,只为给你一份美味的主食沙拉。



    作为你的健康饮食顾问,绿色和健康,是Nice Meal一直所坚持的。希望如今在你面前的这家Nice Meal,能满足你对生活的所有好奇与向往。

    Nice Meal拥抱,和世界相逢。


    Nice Meal carefully selected the world's ingredients, elaborately researched and developed seasonal products, just to give you a delicious meal salad.

    First introduced the European market concept, creatively introduced Italian hams, national cheeses, Mexican Tacos and Spanish Tapas…There are plenty of staple foods and regular salad available for selection.

    Ways to explore the word——Nice meal. Every piece of ingredient from the farm to the table, from the selection to distribution, we strive to restore the natural flavor.

    As your healthy diet consultant, Nice Meal has always been green and healthy. Hope that this store in front of you can satisfy your curiosity and longing for life.

    Embrace Nice Meal, and meet the world.

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