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    1989年品牌创始人Michel Quiniou根据自己心爱的苏格兰小猎犬的外形设计了一个项坠开始,Scottie这只独特可爱的小狗形象迅速获得广大消费者的亲睐,至今仍可在各类产品中找到这只可爱小狗的身影,包括耳环、项链、手链、小饰品、钥匙圈等。 


    Founded in Paris in 1974, inherited French exquisite artsy and cultural genes, baptized by European fashion and based on the trend worldwide, Agatha is always pursuing its transformation into an iconic French jewelry brand of multi-cultural essence.

    The founder of AGATHA Paris, Michel Quiniou, inspired by his Scottie, launched the design of pendent featuring his lovely dog. Since then, the popularity of this Scottie has greatly rose among its customers. This Scottie still makes its existence in different items, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and key chains, etc.

    Apart from Europe, North America, Japan and Korea, Agatha marched its way through Chinese market. Agatha has already established boutiques and stores in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, etc. , aiming at infusing the French charismatic mix and match style. Agatha will amaze the fashion followers by its upcoming excellent designs.

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