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    1882 年,Danskin 由Joel 和Benson Goodman 两兄弟于纽约创立。成立初期旨在为专业舞者打造贴合身体、舒适性极佳的舞蹈服饰,瞬间风靡全美舞蹈领域,一时间成为了优质舞蹈服装的代名词。自此,品牌产品Q不断推陈出新,同时将新型面料与独特剪裁相结合,并且将时尚休闲等元素注入到产品中。上世纪80 年代,Danskin 一度稳居全美女性紧身衣消费排行榜之首。 

    Danskin 是来自美国纽约的女性时尚生活运动品牌。一百多年来,始终在保证产品品质的基础上,努力去建立一种文化、一种关注女性健康的社会责任感,始终向消费者表达一种由内而外的健康生活方式。

    Danskin 由“Dance”和“skin”两个单词组成,前者代表着产品的核心设计理念,后者则代表着产品的特征,犹如每位消费者的第二层肌肤。Danskin希望塑造女性外在的优雅和内在的自信,引领一种乐活的生活方式。Danskin, NOT JUST FOR DANCING.

    Founded by Joel and Benson Goodman brothers in New York City in 1882 . Starting out as a family owned business that catered to dancers selling tights, tutus, and leotards, Danskin soon became the standard for dancers across the USA.  

    Danskin has proudly been synonymous with femininity, fashion, lifestyle and sports. For more than hundred years Danskin is always expressing a kind of healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Meanwhile it has endeavored to set up a kind of culture and sense of social responsibility on the basis of good quality.

    Danskin is combined by the words “Dance’” and “Skin” which obviously conveys the core design concept and also the key product characteristic that feels like the customers’ second skin. Danskin hopes to shape women's elegance and confidence and to lead a LOHAS lifestyle. Danskin, NOT JUST FOR DANCING.

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