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    一场对于时尚的变革,于2013年在意大利的时尚产业重镇贝加莫开始. 这一切都始于创始人Stefano和Valentina Agazzi的无限创意,两位年轻但久经时尚历练的企业家渴望为全球时尚界带来新鲜感. Stefano出生于意大利贝加莫,一位具有商业智慧魅力的艺术创造者; Valentina是一位拥有一半泰国血统的意大利人,具有国际品味和奢侈品管理经验. 他们的融合让SAVE MY BAG成为这场时尚变革的引擎。5年来, 时尚正在被改写, 更多新的惊喜正在推出.....

    The revolution began in 2013 in Bergamo, Italy. It all started with an idea of the founders Stefano and Valentina Agazzi, two young exuberant entrepreneurs with the desire to bring a fresh touch to the fashion world. Stefano, born in Bergamo, has an artistic mastermind with a business-wise charisma; Valentina, who is half-Thai and half-Italian, has an international taste and experience in luxury goods management. Their fusion was the trigger that made SAVE MY BAG explode. After five years, the revolution is still rocking and is recruiting new rebels.

    将规则与束缚留给那些不知道如何突 破与展现自我的人.

    Leave rules to the ones who don’t know how to break them.

    跨界合作& HelloKitty 

    Save My Bag与日本公司Sanrioforaspecialco-branding.ion签署了一份为期两年的许可证协议,专门用于HelloKitty。该产品具有三种标志性和印刷性的时尚服饰配件。

    Kitty Revolution

    Save My Bag signed a two-year license agreement with the Japanese company Sanrio for a special co-branding collaboration dedicated to Hello Kitty. The co-branding collaboration features a wide range of limited edition fashion accessories available in three iconic and pop prints.

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