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    IRO Bitton兄弟创立于2005年。品牌同时于美国和欧洲启动,从成长初期就奠定了国际化的基因以及为城市年轻时尚现代一族提供设计师品牌成衣的定位。IRO摇滚潇洒,轻松的时尚风格,始终如一的品牌风格形象深入世界各地的每个顾客。



    An Introduction to IRO Paris

    IRO by the Britton Brothers was founded in 2005. The brand started up in the US and Europe simultaneously, and from the start, it was established to be an international designer brand that provided clothing for young, urban, trendy, and modern families.


    IRO’s “rocks & easy-chic” style is consistently perceived across all geographies and consumer profiles.

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