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    The made-in-Italy luxury footwear brand was established in the 1960s and is deeply rooted in the creativity and expertise of its eponymous founder, who viewed shoemaking as a continuous reflection on shape, harmony and elegance. In 2016, with a new management team, Sergio Rossi makes a fresh start through its DNA. First step of a new beginning, took inspiration from the historical archive, The product is timeless and for a dynamic woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously. The company will continue fostering the craftsmanship culture at the facility, its distinctiveness has been preserved the decades and quality materials and craftsmanship remain the cornerstones of Sergio Rossi.

    Sergio Rossi成立于1960年代,是 “意大利制造”的奢华鞋履的杰出代表之一。品牌植根于其同名创始人的创造性与专业性,对鞋履的设计、舒适度与优雅感进行不断反思并改进。

    2016年,在新的管理团队领导下,Sergio Rossi重拾品牌DNA,全新系列的灵感源自于曾经的设计档案,经典永恒而又毫不矫揉造作,适合充满活力的优雅女性。Sergio Rossi将一直秉承创意和文化的独特性,继续以顶级材质与精湛手工艺制作奢华鞋履。

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