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    品牌介绍糖果界新晋品牌Colourlane,于国内第一间精品店将会落在上海 淮海中路的K11



    产品系列Soft serves bar 于上海推出独家的意大利黑乳酪,软滑口感搭上满满的手工配料,健康好吃,更是颜值爆表,绝对是网红必打卡单品。每杯巧克力都是现场即时制作,以美国Guittard 黑巧克力作基底,配上西非加纳的可可豆,创新推出的八种口味,让你根据心情而选择自己的喜爱巧克力饮品,为你在上海的冬天带温暖。原创的外带杯上还会带上心情字句,鼓励为生活努力的你。


    Fancy confectionary corner 会有超过50款色彩缤纷且口味独特的糖果/巧克力,更首次引入100%无糖黑朱古力,让爱甜更爱健康的你,绝对可以放心享用。无论是选择心情小礼物,过节礼品,婚宴回礼或公司订制,Colourlane有超过百种的设计,供客人选择,更可定制专属图案或公司logo

    Brand Story


    Colourlane, a lifestyle confectionary brand will have its first shop in China where is located at K11 shopping mall, Shanghai.


    With the combination of chocolate drinks and variety of candies and chocolates, we offer plenty of choices and let you customise every single gift. Enjoy the shopping tour.


    Product collections


    Soft serves bar -Italian frozen black yogurt, have you heard that before? Black or white froyo with 8 themes are the highlights of Colourlane. They are Fancy, healthy, tasty and perfectly to share on social medias. Wondering how many followers will be attracted to your feed. We offer 8 flavours of handcrafted chocolate drinks. The base is mixed by USA Guittard pure dark chocolate and West African cocoa bean (powder), with fancy toppings. Who will reject a sweet and hot chocolate in cold winter in Shanghai? No way, huh!


    Meanwhile, you can choose the flavour according to how you feel of the day….


    Fancy Confectionary corner, over 50 flavours of sweeties and 100 designs are ready and waiting for you. You can create your unique bento, no matter for festival celebrating, wedding or company cooperating. Shout out what you want!


    Last but not least, a healthy collection is also an option in the shop, we prepared them for non-sugar chocolate lovers.


    Can you feel the weather is getting cooler in Shanghai? Please don’t be hesitant to come 

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