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    LITTLE BEAN拥有咖啡生豆商,烘焙商以及零售商三重角色。我们追溯咖啡的源头,精心烘焙,使每一支豆子展现它独特的原产地风味,让更多的人被咖啡所触动。


    作为咖啡产业链最为重要环节的咖啡生豆,我们的生豆公司Nordic Approach China作为Nordic Approach在华成立的公司,致力于将真正的精品咖啡生豆带入中国市场。位于挪威的母公司Nordic Approach 是由Tim WendelboeMorten Wennersgaard共同创立的一家精品咖啡生豆公司。供应世界各大知名精品咖啡烘焙商。在世界各大原产地帮助种植者提升咖啡种植及处理水平。






    LITTLE BEAN is not only a café but also a green bean sourcing company and a roastery. We source coffee from the origins and roasted by a particular profile for expressing original flavors.


    We have our own green bean sourcing company Nordic Approach China. Dedicated to bringing the real specialty coffee to Chinese Market. The parent company Nordic Approach is a specialty green bean sourcing company which located in Norway, founded by Tim Wendelboe and Morten Wennersgaard. Supply green beans to the famous roasteries all over the world. We also do the groundwork to identify, improve, select, and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins.


    As for our coffee academy, all the professional and amateur courses are taught by SCAE AST which can fit different requirement from beginners to professionals.


    The café’s interiors are composed of clean lines, featuring a clear juxtaposition between industrial charm and minimal chic. These design characteristics are synonymous with the architects who brought LITTLE BEAN to life, the Australia-based DesignOffice. We want to make sure the unique experience of every cup of coffee is the best it can be for our customers.

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