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    新鲜健康        天然酵母菌发酵,严选优质食材,低油、低糖、低盐,馅料不隔夜,坚持当天烘焙

    艺术匠心    专注软欧包25年,坚持纯手工工艺,融入艺术基因,酵化独妙匠心

    惊喜有料    丰富的口味,满满的馅料,创意不断,有料、有趣、有灵魂

    时尚生活    小资有温度,台式小确幸,特色上海范。






    11FUN’s story


    As the chef of the Fun Series Soft European Bread Bakery, Mr. Lin leads the professional team to conduct onsite handmade baking every day and provide customers with amazing bread taste of freshnesshealth and happiness .That creates the story of 11fun.


    1. Fresh & Healthy:

    Choose natural yeast for fermentation and strictly select high quality ingredients. Less oil, less sugar and less salt. Refuse to use overnight fillings and guarantee same-day baking.


    2. Artistic & Original:

    Focus on soft European bread for 25 years. Persevere in 100% handmade process with outstanding artistic senses and advanced fermentation techniques.


    3. Amazing & Abundant

    Various flavors and plentiful fillings. Continuously provide creative products with amusing and beautiful souls.


    4. Fashionable & Joyful: 

    Offer you the classy and warm experience.  Enjoy the Taiwan style and Shanghai style at the same time.


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